Support We Provide

As part of its mission to lead UAS research and integration activities office staff, that are already recognized as UAS data collection subject matter experts both within DOI and internationally, are available to provide various forms of support. The types of support that can be provided range from presentations, focused training, performance of cooperative research missions, assistance to other agencies developing UAS capabilities, and support for the establishment of USGS UAS operational hubs.

For example, when a government agency or the academic community comes to us, we can provide:

To pursue the possibility of our support for a specific research mission the cooperator will need to provide us with the following basic information before we can begin the evaluation process.

Click on image for example Project proposal or justification for the mission including UAS data collection objectives, specific data requirements, and the identification of all potential cooperators.
Click on image for example Geographic area of interest either in the form of geographic coordinates with a defined boundary or radius, or preferably a geographic data file such as a GIS shapefile.
Click on image for example Identification of Landowner for the purpose of establishing landowner approval prior to the mission. While not required, the Department of the Interior prefers that the researcher seeks landowner approval, written permission from a private land holder or range approval from a government land manager, such as a wildlife refuge or park.

We have also supported the establishment of operational UAS teams at the following USGS locations: Louisville Kentucky, Flagstaff Arizona, and Ft. Collins Colorado.

An example of some of the steps required to establish a new USGS UAS capability are:

  • Review the USGS UAS Acquisition Operating Procedures
  • Coordinate with us to establish specific:
    1. Platform and sensor needs
    2. Budget requirements for the purchase and operation of systems
    3. Operator and Training needs
    4. Operational requirements
  • Obtain approval from the Bureau National Aviation Manager
  • Complete OAS-13 agreement between the Center and the Office of Aviation Services (Requires SES level signature)

A complete list of downloadable forms and helpful handouts