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The New Eyes in the Sky: Putting Drones to work for scientific research

USGS Monthly Public Lecture Series, August 25, 2016. Video length: 1 hour and 19 minutes

Presenter: Jeff Sloan, National UAS Project Lead

Video credit: Mitch Adelson and William Seelig, USGS

Unmanned Aerial Systems use at the Department of the Interior

How the Department of Interior is applying UAS technology in support of science research.

Presenter: Bruce Quirk, Ph.D, USGS UAS Liaison

Video credit: C-SPAN

USGS National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Office presentation at the 2014 Tamarisk Coalition's Research and Management Conference, February 2014

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are conducting operational test and evaluations of UAS to evaluate how this technology could support the many missions of the Department of the Interior (DOI).

Presenter: Jeff Sloan, National UAS Project Lead

Video credit: Tamarisk Coalition

Studying Birds, With a Drone's Help

Drone technology, developed for warfare, is now being used to study the natural world. In Colorado, sandhill cranes are counted with a small drone called the Raven, May 2013.

Author credit: Sean Patrick Farrell

Video credit: New York Times

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Department of Interior (DOI) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Fire Support

DOI multi-agency team utilizes sUAS for post fire research and support, August 2012.

Mission Cooperators: BLM, OWF, OAS, USDA FS

Video credit: DOI Office of Aviation Services (OAS)

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USGS Leveraging Excess Department of Defense UAS Equipment for DOI UAS Technology Investigation

The USGS National UAS Project Office is responsible for supporting initiatives designed to implement UAS capabilities as a viable, cost effective alternative to existing land imaging resources.

Video credit: USGS

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USGS Raven A Exercises at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah

The USGS National UAS Project Office conducted UAS exercises at U.S. Army's Dugway Proving ground in Utah. This video explains the operation of the Raven A used during those exercises.

Video credit: USGS

Census of Ground-nesting American White Pelicans at Anaho Island National Wildlife Refuge, NV

3D model of Anaho Island utilizing imagery collected by RQ-11A Raven UAS platform, May 2015.

Mission Cooperators: USGS, USFWS and Humboldt State University

Video credit: USGS National UAS Project Office

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Unmanned BLM Drones at the Horning Seed Orchard, OR

USGS UAS teams providing assistance for Bureau of Land Management Oregon research at the Horning Seed Orchard, October 2014.

Mission Cooperators: BLM, USGS

Video credit: BLM

Western Washington University Track Elk Herds with UAVs, WA

David Wallin, a professor of environmental sciences at Western Washington University, is testing the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to track the movements of elk herds in the Skagit Valley, April 2014.

Mission Cooperators: USGS, BLM, BIA, WWU

Video credit: Rhys Logan/WWU Communications and Marketing

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USGS UAS Supporting Elwha River Restoration in Olympic National Park, WA

Exploring the potential of UAS technology for monitoring river sediment changes during one of the largest controlled releases of sediment in North American history.

Mission Cooperators: USGS, BOR, NPS

Video credit: USGS

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